Welcome to Rise Up to Health !

Rise Up to Health encourages you to recognize that God is very much interested in your life and that He did not make a mistake when you were created! All of us have in some way distanced ourselves from Him and now suffer in many areas of our lives. We want you to see yourself as God sees you, and accept His method of change so that your health; spirit, soul and body can be restored to His design!

We have many awesome stories of dramatic changes of lives that have turned themselves over to the One that created them. Are you happy with the way you have looked after yourself? If not, you will be after Rise Up To Health helps you to get on to the right track!

Tips from Rise Up To Health (from the desk of June:)

  1. Receive the Love of Jesus through a worship workout…and then share it with others!!
  2. Give your eating, your sleeping, your going to work, school etc., and your walking around life over to HIM. He’ll bring out the Best in You! (from Romans 12:1+2)
  3. Spend some time/with HIM. Talk with HIM..and read His Word.
  4. Guard against the cares of this world and placing too much importance on $, clothes, possessions, more friends, the perfect body, perfect hair, image etc. These can become distractions and even gods in your life.
  5. Don’t ISOLATE yourself! We need each other, and we also need 1 on 1 time with our Lord!

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Here’s to your successful journey!

June Syko